Art, Caribbean, KAdE, Kunsthal in Amersfoort

June 25, 2012


From May 26th to August 26th 2012 Kunsthal KAdE (Amersfoort, The Netherlands) is showing the exhibition 'Who More Sci-Fi Than Us, Contemporary Art From The Caribbean' created by guest-curator Nancy Hoffmann. 'Who More Sci-Fi Than Us' shows the work of a selection of contemporary artists from all over the world who have their origins in this region; from the South (Dutch Antilles and Suriname) to the North (Cuba and Costa Rica) and from the West (Costa Rica and Panama) to the (North-)East (Martinique and Barbados) and all the islands in between.

Nancy Hoffmann: “For the first time in the Netherlands we are trying to show a broad range of Caribbean art and artists, but most of all we are telling a story about this imagined community that bares the name Caribbean. This exhibition focusses on a shared identity, history, economy and social conditions; a combination of factors that lead to a certain level of surrealism when it comes to the communication between people, in both words and images. Or, like the Dominican writer and Pulitzer Prize winner Junot Diaz puts it so eloquently: 'It might have been a consequence of being Antillean. Who more sci-fi than us?'